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  • Powerful Technology

    The most powerful technology, yet. Learn how our tech setup is miles ahead of the rest.
  • Ultra Fast Charge

    Why wait around? Our products will charge your devices
  • Completely Compatible

    Compatible with all devices. Don't worry about your accessory not supporting our products.
  • Rapid Data Transfer

    Transfer your data with speeds up to 480mps.
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⚡ Ultra-Fast Charging
⚡ Unique 90° Design
⚡ Lifetime Warranty

Signature Smart Intelligence

Vi ble lei av at hver telefonkabel ble slitt og stadig går i stykker! We got sick and tired of every phone cable wearing out and constantly breaking! Often holding us back by disabling our most essential tool. So we designed a cable that will outlive all the rest!

Our Vision

When hearing the word ‘smartphone’ one immediately thinks about smart, convenient and thoughtful. This doesn’t always apply to the devices that charge them; always fumbling and messing around with broken cables or the wrong plugs. TITAN POWER+ deals with these issues in excellent fashion.

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The Titan Team

Our technological experts are constantly breaking the boundaries of fast charging, whilst creating highly durable products that will last a lifetime.

Change the way you charge.

In this fast moving world of technology, mobile devices allow us to stay engaged and connected on-the-go. We strive to offer the most innovative and popular mobile charging solutions on the market.

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Stand With Ukraine

Intensifying hostilities in Ukraine are threatening the lives and wellbeing of tens of thousands of families.

The United Nations and humanitarian partners are committed to staying and delivering assistance and protection to the people of Ukraine.

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